Bernie “Berni” Wrightson : 1948 – 2017

Legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson passed away this week-end. He was a living legend for any horror fan, and a source of respect and admiration for many artists around the globe, with his amazing black and white skills, full of details and passion.

After a meeting with another legend, Frank Frazetta, during a comics convention, Bernie decides to enter the world of comics. His talent gives him an opportunity to work at DC Comics, and he draws his first story in 1968 : House of Mystery. He then spends years illustrating horror comics and stories for DC and Marvel, and co-creates, with Len Wein, a mythical character in 1971 : The Swamp Thing. He then begins to work, in 1974, for Warren Publishing, working on stories based on Lovecraft and Edgar Alan Poe novels. In 1975, with 3 other artists, (Jeff Jones, Michael Kaluta, and Barry Windsor-Smith), he funds his own art studio, allowing him to work on personal projects outside of the mainstream comics industry.

His most well known works may well be his illustrations for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. During seven years, he created what may well be the most amazing art on this cult novel. Certainly his most personal work. He will also work, as a concept artist, on many movies including CreepshowGhostbusters, The Faculty, Galaxy Quest, Spiderman, Romero’s Land of the Dead or Darabont’s The Mist.

In the comics industry, he will work on Batman, the Punisher, and his most recent works include Frankenstein Alive Alive, Dead She Said , the Ghoul and Doc Macabre (IDW Publishing), co-created with another horror master, Steve Niles.

Bernie Wrightson passed away last week-end at 60, from a brain cancer.

His work is already part of the comics history, and Geek-Art couldn’t do anything but paying tribute to this fantastic artist, who spent his life making gorgeous art out of horror stories.




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