Pop Culture and Good Deed

If like me you’re a big fan of Stranger Things, then this should ring a bell ! French illustrator Patrick Connan designed this amazing set of mini-prints, portraying the main characters of the already cult Netflix TV show. Those 6 5×5 portraits printed using the risography technique (Japanese printing technique, close to screen printing) are available for 30$.

All the proceeds will be donated by Patrick to the Sick Children Necker Hospital in Paris.

A great way to treat yourself with those great portraits (limited to 83, the year Stranger Things is taking place), and to do a good deed.

The set is available right now on Patrick Connan’s online store. Don’t hesitate to get one and to share the news with some Stranger Things fans friends of yours !


Patrick Connan Stranger Things 1

Patrick Connan Stranger Things 2

Patrick Connan Stranger Things 3

Patrick Connan Stranger Things 4

Patrick Connan Stranger Things 5

Patrick Connan Stranger Things 6


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