The Prints Are Not What They Seem

Another great show at the Spoke Art Gallery NYC. “In Dreams” is an art show tribute to David Lynch, comprised of over 80 artists from around the globe. As the Spoke Art online website says “the exhibition evokes the emotional complexities and stylistic ventures of Lynch’s work through a variety of mediums, such as painting, sculpture and limited edition fine art prints. Just in time for the long-awaited return of the television series Twin Peaks, “In Dreams” explores the intricately layered themes of Lynch’s cinematic repertoire. Each artist was free to choose their own subject matter, resulting in a impressive range of character portraits, highly detailed environments and iconic themes and motifs all seen within Lynch’s disorienting and hypnotizing films.”

You can check my selection below, but the whole exhibition is now available on the Spoke Art Gallery online store. The show is on view until the 30th of April.

Guillaume Morellec – Twin Peaks

Joshua Budich – The Owls Are Not What They Seem

Przemek Debowski

Przemek Debowski

Przemek Debowski

Eric Althin

George Townley

Jay Gordon

Jayde Fish – Fire Walk With Me

Joshua Budich – Saint Alia of the Knife.

Lauren YS – Sometimes

Matt Chase – Mulholland Drive

Matt Ritchie – Knife Fight

Matthew Skiff – Beyond Life and Death

Max Dalton – Twin Peaks Action Figure Collection

Nan Lawson – Diane…

Primary Hughes – Cooper

Raid71 – The Big Dream

Ryan Berkley – Agent Cooper.

Ryan Berkley – Killer Bob

Samantha Mash – Josie Packard

Sarah Joncas – Audrey

Tim Jordan – Packard Mill


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Thomas Olivri is the funder of He also is the author of the Geek-Art Anthology Books, published by Huginn & Muninn in France and Chronicle Books in the USA. Curator at the French Paper Gallery, he also is the author of Papa Geek to the Rescue, from Huginn & Muninn.

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