Wish I Was Here

This week-end was the third edition of Mondo Con in Austin, Texas, a print related convention gathering all the best artists of the art poster movement, a dream came true for all the Mondo lovers ! Mondo apparently succeeded into making an event once again perfect for all fans of art, posters, music, toys, video games, and beer ! Amongst the many artists having a booth were big names such as Richey Beckett, Florian Bertmer, Becky Cloonan, Scott C, Jonathan Burton, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Daniel Danger, Nicolas Delort, Craig Drake, Laurent Durieux, Jason Edmiston, Brian Ewing, Francesco Francavilla, Aaron Horkey, Jock, Land Land, Mike Mitchell, Olly Moss, Randy Ortiz, Alex Pardee, Gary Pulin, JC Richards, Arik Roper, Justin Santora, Todd Slater, Mike Sutfin, Ken Taylor, Matt Taylor, Kevin Tong, NC Winters and many more !

Artists booth, convention, screenings, and of course many screen prints available for the occasion ! Maybe I can go there next time, but I think my wallet would be mad at me. Congratulations to the whole Mondo team for such a brilliant event involving so many talented artists and passionate fans !


A Clockwork Orange by Rory Kurtz


A Clockwork Orange Variant by Rory Kurtz


Kevin Tong Ran for Black Dragon Press


Escape from New York (Glow-in-the-Dark) by Matt Taylor


Escape from New York (Variant) by Matt Taylor


Guardians of the Galaxy by Jock


Lobot by Mike Mitchell


Mondo X Cyclops Print Works Print #02- Wall-E by Tom Whalen


Mondo X Cyclops Print Works Print #03- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by JC


Mulholland Drive by Tula Lotay


The Flash by César Moreno


The Graduate by Rory Kurtz


The Martian by Oliver Barrett


The Thin Red Line by João Raus


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