Hi guys, this is with a great sadness that I must inform you all that the Battle of Yavin artwork designed by the talented Sublevel Studios will not be on sales this monday as scheduled. I’ve been indeed forbidden by Lucasfilm to do so. Please read the full article to know everything about it, and be aware that an other print will be presented to you this very monday.

Bonjour à tous, c’est avec une grande tristesse que je dois vous informer que le premier print exclusif de Geek-Art, la Bataille de Yavin, designé par le talentueux Sublevel Studios, ne sera pas mis à la vente ce lundi comme prévu. J’ai en effet reçu un mail de Lucasfilm me l’interdisant. Plus de détails plus bas, mais sachez d’ores et déjà qu’un nouveau print vous sera présenté ce lundi.


Alas, despite all my efforts to reach someone at Lucasfilm, I couldn’t talk to anyone, and thus couldn’t do anything to save this print. I had no intention to cause any troubles to Lucasfilm with this 100 exemplaries limited artwork tribute to Star Wars. My apologize to you guys who were interested into buying this print. Note that an other, exclusive and limited artwork will be presented to you on monday, so stay tuned !

Hélas, en dépit de mes efforts pour joindre quelqu’un chez Lucasfilm, je n’ai pu parler à personne de mon cas, et je me suis vu ainsi dans l’obligation d’annuler la vente de ce print. Je n’avais nullement l’intention de causer des problèmes à Lucasfilm avec cette oeuvre hommage à Star Wars vendue à 100 exemplaires. Mes excuses à vous tous qui étiez intéressé par ce print, notez tout de même que l’aventure Geek-Art continue, et qu’un autre print en édition limitée vous sera présenté lundi, alors restez connectés !

Thomas Olivri, Master & Commander of Geek-Art.net


« – That boy was our last hope.

 – No, there is another… »


Here is the mail I received / Voici le mail que j’ai reçu :


Lucasfilm Ltd. and its affiliated and related entities (collectively « Lucasfilm ») are the exclusive owners of all rights in and to the STAR WARS major motion pictures and any other STAR WARS film or property. Those properties and the characters and unique elements which appear therein (the « STAR WARS Copyrights and Trademarks ») are protected by the copyright and trademark laws of the United States and other nations. 

We note that STAR WARS Copyrights and Trademarks are being posted and distributed on the above website without Lucasfilm’s authorization (« Unauthorized Item »).  This unauthorized use of STAR WARS Copyrights and Trademarks constitutes copyright infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition. By this letter, we request that you immediately suspend and/or disable the account of the above website and/or that you immediately remove the Unauthorized Items from the above website. 

We further request written assurance that you will comply with this demand.  Lucasfilm is the exclusive owner of all relevant rights in and to the Star Wars Films.  We have a good faith belief that any items falling into the categories identified above infringe Lucasfilm’s copyrights and other intellectual property rights, and are not authorized by Lucasfilm or its agents.  Pursuant to the DMCA, we have a good faith belief that any items falling into the categories identified above infringe Lucasfilm’s copyrights and other intellectual property rights, and are not authorized by Lucasfilm or its agents.  I am authorized to act on Lucasfilm’s behalf regarding these matters.  The information provided in this communication is accurate to the best of my knowledge and is provided under penalty of perjury. 

Thank you for your cooperation.  Nothing in this letter shall be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of any right or remedy possessed by Lucasfilm or any other affected party, all of which are expressly reserved.


Lucasfilm Ltd., (Antipiracy)

Business Affairs








A propos de l'auteur

Thomas Olivri est le créateur de Geek-Art.net, et l’auteur de Geek-Art une Anthologie, chez Huginn & Muninn. Il est également curateur à la French Paper Gallery de Paris, et vient de signer son premier ouvrage d’auteur, Papa Geek à la Rescousse, toujours chez Huginn & Muninn.

Thomas Olivri is the funder of Geek-Art.net. He also is the author of the Geek-Art Anthology Books, published by Huginn & Muninn in France and Chronicle Books in the USA. Curator at the French Paper Gallery, he also is the author of Papa Geek to the Rescue, from Huginn & Muninn.

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