A really cool artshow began last friday, organized by the Hero Complex Gallery. The theme : Weapons of Choice. Or how to depict some cult weapons, without which the biggest heroes of the geekdom would not really be what they are. The show premiere was last friday, with a bunch of very talented artists, and Hero COmplex means to make the artshow travel throughout the USA, so have a look at their website !

Une superbe expo a débuté vendredi dernier, organisée par la galerie Hero Complex. Le thème : les « Weapons of Choice », ou la mise en avant des armes cultes sans lesquelles certaines des plus grandes figures du geekdom ne seraient pas vraiment elles-mêmes… De nombreux artistes talentueux ont répondu présent à l’appel de Hero Complex, qui compte bien faire voyager cette expo un peu partout aux USA. Voici une sélection des oeuvres présentées.

Weapon of Choice – Craig Drake – Hanzo Steel

Weapon of Choice – Mark Lone – Sting The Orc Blade

Weapon of Choice – Craig Drake – RJ MacReady

Weapon of Choice – Matt Ferguson – Robocop

Weapon of Choice – Tracie Ching – Game of Thrones

Alien, Sweeney Todd, Tron, Conan, and many more awesome stuff in the full article !

Weapon Of Choice – Ian Glaubinger Game Has Changed

Weapon of Choice – JP Valderrama – Planet Terror

Weapon of Choice – Ale Giorgini – Kill Bill

Weapon of Choice – Trev Murphy – Shining Weapon of Choice – Tim Jordan – Love Gun

Weapon of Choice – Scott Belcastro – No Country

Weapon of Choice – Samuel Ho – Alien

Weapon of Choice – Nick Comparone – Sweeney Todd

Weapon of Choice – Laurent Durieux – Buck Rogers 

Weapon of Choice – Joshua Budich – Conan

Weapon of Choice – Darin Shock – Entourage

Weapon of Choice – Bruce Yan – Shaun

Weapon of Choice – Brandon Schaefer – Doctor Who

Weapon of Choice – Blunt Graffix – Hulk

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