Josh Ln – Polygonal Famous Vehicles

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Awesome polygonal cars… After the minimal art, the polygonal art ? Check all Josh Ln‘s cars in the full article.

Superbes voitures polygonales… Après le style minimaliste, le style polygonal ? Jetez un oeil sur toutes les voitures de Josh Ln dans la suite de l’article.

via Nerdwire

Check all Josh Ln’s cars in the full article.

Toutes les voitures de Josh Ln dans la suite de l’article.

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4 Responses

  1. Rodney Payne dit :

    Votre Message / Your Message …

  2. Rodney Payne dit :

    You knew i’d comment here. :)

    TThat Millennium Falcon is a must have. The Batmobile’s my favourite though.

  3. Geek-Art dit :

    Héhé yep I was waiting fo ryou dude :)

    I must say my heart goes to the Ecto 1…

  4. Rodney Payne dit :

    Yeah, i can see that. They’re all pretty good though. I wonder what he’s going to do nect? I’d absolutely love the Batmobile from the old TV series. The USS Enterprise would be awesome too. :)

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