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Morgan Conley designed those rad Famicon software… What would Firefox would have look liked if it had been designed for the first NES ? Well you have the answer, and many more in the full article !

Morgan Conley a designé ces cartouches pour sa Famicom japonaise… A quoi aurait bien pu ressembler Firefox s’il était sorti sur la première NES ? Hé bien vous avez la réponse, et beaicoup d’autres dans la suite de l’article !


More softwares in the full article !

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5 Responses

  1. Tyson Blades dit :

    I love this project! It evokes a certain feeling of nostalgia for me. However I have just one comment: Back in the good old days of 8-bit games and software, the cover art on the cartridges/packages was usually not 8-bit. It was actually misleadlingly nice compared to the actual look of the running software.

    But really, awesome art! I do love it!

  2. part of my childhood

  3. quangloc90 dit :

    It’s a wonderful progame!!!!

  4. tu bep dit :

    i have make this following your topic and i success. thanks you very much. i hope you have more project

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