R9 Design Studio : Millenium Falcon Table

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Now THAT is what I call a table, for Jabba’s sake ! I just love the way R9 Design Studios, from England, designed the Falcon, it would fit perfectly on my desk ! Well I would need a giant desk. Anyway more pics in the full article !

VOILA ce que j’appelle une table, par Jabba ! J’adore les lignes épurées du Falcon, designé par les Anglais du R9 Design Studios. Il irait très bien sur mon bureau… Bon, d’accord, j’aurais besoin d’un très gros bureau. Bref. Plus d’images dans la suite !

Submitted by Rodney Payne via mail : postmaster(at)geek-art.net !

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  1. Rodney Payne dit :

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    I have to say that i’m pleased as punch with this. They said that they may do a limited run at a later date, but as it stands this is the only one.
    They also did a pretty mean Solo in carbonite table which was huge.

  2. Rodney Payne dit :

    Well, this came today and she’s big and beautiful. :)


    I’ve taken a few photos. I hope you like it and please feel free to comment.

    As it stands, this is the only one but if there’s a big enough response, they may do a limited run.

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