Sublevel Studios & Mark Steele – Revenge of the Sand People

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While waiting for the Sublevel Studios’s next exclusive artwork for the Geek-Art Store, here comes their lates artwork. Inspired by the horror movies posters of the 60s-70s with a Star Wars taste, and after their take on the Rancor, here come the sand people !

En attendant le prochain print exclusif de Sublevel Studios pour le Geek-Art Store, un petit coup d’oeil à leur dernière création, dans la lignée des films d’horreur des années 60-70, sauce Star Wars. Après le Rancor, place aux hommes des sables !

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2 Responses

  1. Nobby1138 dit :

    I love this, even more than the Rancor!
    Inspired composition and colour scheme – nicely done.
    One little thing though – Rebo is spelled wrong, can it be fixed?

  2. Nobby1138 dit :

    Oh wait, sorry, I should have posted that on Sublevel Studio’s site – doh!

    Thanks for sharing though!

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