Jason Edmiston – Castle Greyskull

Après son magnifique Snake Mountain, l'artiste Canadien Jason Edmiston frappe à nouveau et livre un hommage sublime aux Maîtres de l'Univers, avec ce magnifique tableau du château Greyskull. Des prints sont pré... En savoir +
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Geek Art Loves Matt Kaufenberg

Introducing Matt Kaufenberg and his great GI Joe and He-Man characters ! Mores pics by clicking in the link below ! Yeah ! Découvrez le travail de Matt Kaufenberg sur GI Joe et Musclor ! Plus d'images ... En savoir +
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The Art of Tim Doyle (part 2)

Here comes Tim Doyle again ! This time, I introduce you to his awesome illustration works, such as those amazing Ecto-1 and his love declaration to the Masters of the Universe. You can go on his site to admire ... En savoir +
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Dave Perillo : Artworks

Dave Perillo is an American illustrator from Philadelphia, finding inspiration from 50’s Sci-Fi Movies, Charles Schultz, Ray Harryhausen, Jim Henson, Hanna Barbera... An inspiration that works quite well, as yo... En savoir +