Apocalypse selon Gax

Apocalypse Now L'artiste français Gax a récemment posté sa version d'Apocalypse, le bad guy du film X-Men Apocalypse, joué par Oscar Isaac (le Damon Poe de Star Wars). Allez vite jeter un oeil à son tumblr et ... En savoir +
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Nimajneb : Sculptures

Nimajneb calls himself an "amateur" in sculpture. I guess a lots of people would like to be as amateur as he is ! He mainly customizes preexisting statues, giving them a new life before painting them, but he al... En savoir +
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Jayson Weidel : Colored X Men

Very nice series of Jason Weidel : the X-Men portayed in monocolor. Classy ! Click below to see them all ! Une série originale de Jason Weidel : des portraits des X-Men en monocouleur. Classe ! Cliquez ci-de... En savoir +
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Geek Art Loves Ty Lettau

Introducing "Cartooned", a very nice series of minimalists geeky portraits bby Ty Lettau. Star Wars, Super Mario, X-Men, Zelda and much, much more by clicking below ! Découvrez la série "Cartooned" ... En savoir +
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Geek Art Loves Nacho Molina

Nacho Molina's work is awesome ! X-Men, Dragon Ball Z, Thunder Cats, Street Fighter... He paints everything with a unique style. Astonishing. Please click ! Le travail de Nacho molina est tout simplement... En savoir +