Joshua Budich - Zelda

Joshua Budich – Zelda

It's Dangerous Out There ! Cette splendide sérigraphie à la gloire de Zelda est signée Joshua Budich, est limitée à 100 exemplaires, et est disponible sur le site de la Hero Complex Gallery ! Via Geeky Nerf H... En savoir +
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Geek Art Loves Ty Lettau

Introducing "Cartooned", a very nice series of minimalists geeky portraits bby Ty Lettau. Star Wars, Super Mario, X-Men, Zelda and much, much more by clicking below ! Découvrez la série "Cartooned" ... En savoir +
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Lawrence Yang : Paintings

Lawrence Yang is an American painter living in San Francisco. Influenced by graffiti art and traditional Chinese painting, he employs ink, marker, and watercolor to make beautiful paintings, full of poetry and ... En savoir +
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Kim Herbst : Link

Kim Herbst is an American freelance illustrator living in New York. As a game artist, she worked for Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and MTV amongst others.She's not only talented, she's also a Zelda fan. With thi... En savoir +
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The Art of 8 Bits Painter

8 bit Painter is an American artist who developed a passion for pixel art. Most of his pieces are commissions he then sells on line via his deviantART account. At first glance, you may think that it is easy stu... En savoir +
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Skinny Chipps : Nintendo Series

Skinny Ships, aka Richard Perez, is a graphic designer and illustrator located in San Francisco. As he says, he fell in love with graphic design through old album covers and film posters, but I'm pretty sure th... En savoir +
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Trejoe : Zelda Art

Found on deviantART, Trejoe is an illustrator from the Black Volta studio, a team of very talented illustrators. His LInk his just awesome, and gives Link the bad ass look he needed... Enough kawaï ! Here is Tr... En savoir +
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Jeffrey Chamba aka LastscionZ

Jeffrey Chamba, aka lastscionZ,  is an Australian artist living in Melbourne. As you can see on his blog and on his devianART account, he’s quite a video games fan. Those 3 illustrations show the 3 greatest Nin... En savoir +
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Cory Godbey : Bit and Run

Cory Godbey is an American illustrator living in South Carolina. Between two professionnal works, he enjoys playing with his favourite Nintendo characters. Here are some of his beautifull wallpapers, and a few ... En savoir +
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Discover Lerms' amazing work on his site, his blog, and his deviantART account. Believe me, you'll find other great stuff on it... Here I come with a Spock and a Batman "cubist style", not to mention a very ang... En savoir +