Vanja Todoric : Skeletor & Trapjaw

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You guys should have a look at Vanja’s awesome blog. His numerous illustrations almost made my jaw drop. Anyway,here comes his own Skeletor and Trapjaw versions. Vanja, if you hear me, I want more !

Je vous conseille de vous jeter sur le blog de Vanja. Ses incroyables illustrations ont failli faire jaillir mes yeux de leurs orbites. Voilà sa version de Skeletor et de Trapjaw. Vanja, si tu m’entends,j’en veux plus !

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2 Responses

  1. NJA3D dit :

    hehe, i hear you loud and clear, and i’m working on it :):):)
    any wishes regarding the MOTU characters ???

    and thx for hosting my illustrations here, it really means a lot :)

  2. Geek-Art dit :

    Yeah ! Nice to see that you’re a Geek-Art fan, Vanja ! Do not hesitate to send me updates of your work, dude !


    Cheers !

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