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Dela Longfish – Blue Twi’lek Pin Up & More


  • Martin
    Posted 7 juin 2012 at 1 h 15 min

    Just to clarify, Dela is a boy and he’s from the US. Currently works in the gaming industry as a concept artist.

  • Nikki
    Posted 7 juin 2012 at 6 h 47 min

    Thanks for clearing that up Martin!

  • Post Author
    Posted 7 juin 2012 at 7 h 15 min

    Hi, thanks for clarifying, and sorry about that, I usually don’t do that kind of mistakes :/
    Error solved, though, my apologizes to Dela, and congrats for his work ! Cheers and thanks guys !

  • Lior
    Posted 7 juin 2012 at 8 h 09 min

    that’s my boy!

  • jetsizefe
    Posted 13 mars 2023 at 6 h 21 min

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