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300 Heroes Faces Drawing Project by Alberto Russo

300 Heroes Faces Drawing Project by Alberto Russo

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Alberto Russo is a Swiss artist who challenged himself with a crazy project : drawing 300 heroes portraits. Here comes the first 58s, with many super heroes depicted as their movies alter ego such as Doctor Strange / Cumberbatch, Batman/Affleck, Catwoman/Pfeiffer, etc. You can check the first faces below, as well as sketches, WIPs and closer visions of those heroes, drawn with a lots of talent by Alberto !alberto-russo-300-faces

alberto-russo-300-faces-diana alberto-russo-300-faces-sketch alberto-russo-300-faces-captain-america alberto-russo-300-faces-hulk alberto-russo-300-faces-the-thing alberto-russo-300-faces-batman alberto-russo-300-faces-colossus alberto-russo-300-faces-ghost-rider alberto-russo-300-faces-hellboy alberto-russo-300-faces-iron-man alberto-russo-300-faces-joker alberto-russo-300-faces-logan alberto-russo-300-faces-storm alberto-russo-300-faces-superman


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