Every Town Needs a Batman!

After their previous takes on the Marvel universe, 3A Toys ended the year with this gorgeous official Batman collectible. This 1/6 scale beauty was of course designed by Ashley Woods, and depicts a world where the heroes have been replaced by robotic counterparts. This is the Steel Age! Obviously other DC heroes will be robotized by the ultra talented designer, let’s hope for more in 2016 ! The Steel Age Batman is available on pre-order on the Bambaland Store for 240 dollars. 

More details :

Officially Licensed by DC Comics
● Height 13.5 Inches (35cm) Tall
● 50 Points of Articulation including articulated Fingers and Segmented Neck Armor
● Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Weathered Paint Application
● Includes:
○ Batarangs x 2
○ Faux-Leather Tailored Outfit with soft PVC Iconic Scalloped Cape
○ Faux-Leather Lace-up Boots
○ Flexible Armored Pauldrons
● LED Illuminated Eyes

3A-Steel-Age-Batman-1-686x685 3A-Steel-Age-Batman-2-686x685 3A-Steel-Age-Batman-3-686x685 3A-Steel-Age-Batman-4-686x685 3A-Steel-Age-Batman-5-686x457 3A-Steel-Age-Batman-7-686x685

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