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My name is Thomas Olivri.  I was born in 1981. I am a copy-writter, author, blogger, curator, journalist, husband, father, and a fan. I grew up like most of you : amongst epic comic books, cult movies, awesome cartoons, brilliant fantasy literature, astonishing science-fiction, extraordinary TV shows, amazing video games, fantastic role playing games… And Star Wars.

I was raised with pop culture.

And like many of you guys, despite getting older, despite my “adult” life, I never forgot Conan, Vader, Mario, Indy, Optimus or Gandalf. They are part of me.

I just changed my way to enjoy it: through graphic design, illustration, photography and art shows. Because this awesome cultural universe, once we tasted it, cannot be forgotten. Ever !

That’s why I spent the last years creating the Geek-Art universe, through thousands of articles, through the art shows I organize in Paris, the online store and through the books I wrote on this awesome subject. Discovering passionate talents and sharing them to the world is now part of my life, and I’m really proud of what Geek-Art has become. is my love cry to this amazing source of inspiration that is pop culture.

Thank you for being part of the community !


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