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Amblinesque : A Spielberg / Amblin Art Show by Florey and Matt Ferguson @Bottleneck Gallery

Amblinesque : A Spielberg / Amblin Art Show by Florey and Matt Ferguson @Bottleneck Gallery

Goonies never say die !

Again, the Bottleneck Gallery, this time with Vice Press, pays tribute to movies, and specially to Amblin Entertainment, Spielbers’s production society. Lead by two well-known Geek-Art fans artists, Matt Ferguson and Matthew Rowan a.k.a. Florey, the show makes us go back through time and gets back in the 80’s to appreciate movies from Jaws to Gremlins, or E.T. and Back to the Future. The art show, named Amblinesque, with new posters created by the two artists reminds us how these movies have became ‘must-have-seen movies.’

Even if the already teased/revealed posters are all looking great and cool (OMG the Return to the Future trilogy set), i really love the minimalist serie which mixes cult sentence from a movie and an object, such as “you’re gonna need a bigger boat” from Jaws or the “Clever girl” from Jurassic Park. The two artists also work together on some prints like the one giving informations on sharks, or the first page of instructions of an hoverboard and the description of night vision goggles for dinosaurs hunting. Special mention for 3 rules when you own a mogwaï :).

Icing on the cake, to celebrate the exhibition launch, a 35mm screening of ‘The Goonies’ will take place on Saturday (15th of June). An exclusive print, surely about the movie, will be given to participants.

As always, more informations and feedback of the event on BNG’s blog and on Vice Press‘s one.


Julien Djoubri

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