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Andy Wynn – Star Fox Characters Portraits

Andy Wynn – Star Fox Characters Portraits

Do a Barrel Roll !

Old school gamers know it ! StarFox (aka Starwing in Europe) was an insane shooter released on Super NES in 1993. In 3D ! That was a really big deal at the time. The heroes of this game, including the legendary Fox McCloud, created by Mr Miyamoto in person (father of Link, Mario and many more Nintendo characters) even appeared later in Super Smash Bros Melee. US graphic designer Andy Wynn redesigned those heroes as realistic creatures, and I must say I love the result ! And stay tuned for the next Starfox game on the future Nintendo console !

Andy Wynn - StarTeam Star Falco

Andy Wynn - StarTeam Star Fox Slippy

Andy Wynn - StarTeam Star Fox

Andy Wynn - StarTeam Star Peppy






Thomas Olivri

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