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Art of French Toy Love : Pop Culture in miniature

Art of French Toy Love : Pop Culture in miniature

Life in plastic is fantastic

With a passion for comics and cinema, TV and radio host Joe Hume is one of the most exceptional French toy photographer. Known as French Toy Love, he excels in the art of dioramas composition featuring his collectible toys, derived from famous pop characters, in situations ranging from iconic pose, to epic fight and  movie posters parody. Each photo is carefully done, Joe giving a special effort to the light, allowing him to bring a touch of realism to each of his works.

The quality of each photo is even more impressive when as we are fucosing on the working environment of this toy photographer. Self-taught, he officiates most of the time at home, in his living room, far from the professional photo studios. He uses only few digital tricks (including Photoshop) and prefers practical effects: cardboard decorations, physical light filters or an electronic cigarette as a smoke machine.

As a bonus, here is the video of STUDIOSUSHI, in which Joe reveals in 35 minutes how he creates its photographies.




P'tit nouveau chez Geek Art mais plus si nouveau dans le monde des blogs et autres webzines, j'adore écrire et partager mes découvertes au plus grand nombre. Fan inconditionnel de ciné, je dois probablement être le seul Français de 24 ans qui collectionne les DVDs. Dans la vraie, vie je travaille à la croisée entre les mondes des jeux-vidéo et de l'édition, un vrai paradis pour tout Geek qui se respecte.

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