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Coke Navarro – The Tomb Raider : A Tribute Poster to Lara Croft for the Geek-Art Store !

Coke Navarro – The Tomb Raider : A Tribute Poster to Lara Croft for the Geek-Art Store !

Raider of the Lost Tomb

It’s a great pleasure for me to reveal you guys the brand new print that will soon be available on the Geek-Art Store ! This gorgeous artwork was especially designed for Geek-Art by Spanish artist Coke Navarro. Coke’s work has always been a real treat for the eyes, and I’ve been wanting to collaborating with him for a long time, this was the perfect opportunity !

This gorgeous artwork cleverly plays with lights and shadows, with a carefully thought combination of colors. You barely see the threat hiding in the shadows, while our hero is opening an ancient tomb, under the eye of the last living inhabitants of this forgotten temple…

This print tells a whole story, and that’s exactly what I love, with tiny new details revealed each time you look at it !

This artwork will be on sale exclusively on the Geek-Art Store this Friday the 19th at noon, French hour. Only 90 pieces, all numbered, will be printed. See you guys on Friday !

A few words from the artist : “I never was a big video games lover, I had very few during my childhood and play less the ones I had. Until Tomb Raider arrived. It was a revolution for me. The scenarios, the monsters, the moves. It was the first game I was engaged to, and one of the most memorable to me. So, if I was going to make a video game illustration, I had to be that one.

I’m very interested in heavy light and shadow compositions, so the inside of a crypt, a pyramid or something like looked good to me. Everything went fast, it was only one sketch and the final art went straight. It’s one of the few posters I’ve drawn completely in digital, without previous pencil nor ink.”

The Tomb Raider – Coke Navarro

Impression numérique HD sur papier Innova fine art Decor Smooth Art (Blanc Naturel) 210g

40×60 cm

Edition limitée à 90 exemplaires numérotés

60 euros



Thomas Olivri

Thomas Olivri est le créateur de, le curateur du Geek-Art Store, et auteur de livres sur la pop culture et l'art inspiré par les cultures de l'imaginaire.Thomas Olivri is the funder of, curator of the Geek-Art Store, and the author of books dedicated to art and pop culture

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