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Dark and Amazing Movie Posters by Christopher Shy

Dark and Amazing Movie Posters by Christopher Shy

Dark Space

Christopher Shy is a US designer, funder of Studio Ronin in 1994. This small studio quickly gained attention through concept art and costume design for the entertainment industry. A radical, dark style was Shy’s signature, a style he quickly used on his own graphic novels such as Silent Leaves, then Man to Leave.

In 2010, Shy signs Dead Space : Salvage, a grim graphic novel in the Dead Space video game universe. He is also often exposed at Gallery Provocateur at Chicago.

He recently designed some amazing alternative movie posters, especially Sci-Fi and horror classics such as Star Wars, Alien or Mad Max. Shy amazing and grim style gives a brand new atmosfear to those cult movies. You can check the Studio Ronin , as well as Christopher Shy’s Tumblr. Some of his artworks are available here.


Chrisopher Shy - Star Wars 02

Chrisopher Shy - Escape From New York

Chrisopher Shy - The Thing

Chrisopher Shy - The Fog

Chrisopher Shy - Alien 02

Chrisopher Shy - Ghostbusters

Chrisopher Shy - Blade Runner

Chrisopher Shy - Alien

Chrisopher Shy - Awakens

Chrisopher Shy - Edge of Tomorrow

Chrisopher Shy - Beetlejuice

Chrisopher Shy - Blade Runner 02

Chrisopher Shy - Blade Runner 03

Chrisopher Shy - Star Wars 03

Chrisopher Shy - Cowboy Bebop

Chrisopher Shy - Attack on Titan

Chrisopher Shy - Dead Space 2

Chrisopher Shy - Dead Space

Chrisopher Shy - GI Joe

Chrisopher Shy - Mad Max 2$

Chrisopher Shy - Mad Max 03

Chrisopher Shy - Mad Max

Chrisopher Shy - Star Wars

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