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Dinosaurs Of The Wild West Par Shaun Keenan

Dinosaurs Of The Wild West Par Shaun Keenan

Dino Riders

You’ve always dreamed to see a triceratops mounted by a zulu warrior or a samurai on the back of an allosaurus ? Your search is over, Shaun Keenan made it real. Trough his illustrations, this American artist offers us the life of these behemoths at different important periods of humanity.

He was particularly interested in a very representative period of the United States, the Wild West. His book, “Dinosaurs of the Wild West” is a 200-pages collection featuring prehistoric creatures in western American scenery.

On his Instagram, you can admire some artwork extracted from his book, but also other illustrations inspired by pop culture and fantasy universes. Shaun is a graphic designer working in the world of video games, animation and in the design of toys with fine graphic style and whose works can make you think of certain illustrations of the french artist Boulet.


Fan de Geek-art de la première heure, vieux geek et fan de mangas, Quentin est aussi un instituteur et un passionné de pop culture qu'il consomme sans modération.

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