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From Gotham to Metropolis – A Special Geek-Art DC Comics Art Book With French Paper Art Club

From Gotham to Metropolis – A Special Geek-Art DC Comics Art Book With French Paper Art Club

French Paper Art Club x Geek-Art x Batman

“What is really fun with this character is that it can be drawn in so many different ways… Dark, serious, funny… Everyone can bring a bit of oneself in the Dark Knight visions.” Michael Cho.

Batman may well be the most popular super hero in the world. In 75 years he became a pop culture icon. Like famous music journalist Joe Hume says, “Batman is for everyone, for the better and sometimes the worse”. To celebrate his 75 years, Geek-Art and the French Paper Gallery teamed up with Warner Brother and DC Comics to launch a unique artistic project. They asked dozens of artists from France and the whole world to express their vision of the Dark Knight and his allies, like Superman and Wonder Woman. Those visions were printed as limited and numbered screen prints. This portfolio gathers all the artists who participated, as well as their artworks, sketches and interviews.

From the collages of Mr Garcin to the now famous one line by Quibe, or the darkest visions of Nicolas Delort, fans of Batman and Geek-Art alike will be happy to discover this one of its kind art book. A portfolio that closes an extraordinary chapter between Geek-Art and French Paper Art Club, 6 months after the unique art show displayed at the French Paper Gallery.

De Gotham à Metropolis, publisher Huginn & Muninn, available in french bookstores and online.

39,95 euros

With 3 exclusive prints. 


ARTISTS : Ammo – Mathieu Bablet – Badmoon Studios – Boulet – Elsa Charretier – Michael Cho – Nicolas Delort – Tim Doyle – Florey – Fugscreens Studios – Gabz – M. Garcin – Tomer Hanuka – Jebedai – Dan Mumford – Nychos – Carlos Olmo – Dave Perillo – Qui Be – Arik Roper – Stan Sakai – Justin Santora – Guillaume Singelin – Stan & Vince – Mark Summers – Karl Taggle – Ronan Toulhoat – Alex Tuis – Kevin Wada – Sam Wolfe Connelly – Yoaz.

















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