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Geek-Art Volume 3 Now Available in France !

Geek-Art Volume 3 Now Available in France !

The Best of Pop Inspired Art is Back !

At last ! I’m so proud that the 30th of September is here ! This Friday in France, you’ll be able to grab the 3rd Geek-Art book, an anthology of more that 416 pages featuring dozens of artists from the whole world, and hundreds of pop culture inspired artworks !


The cover of this third opus is simply amazing, what an honor it is to feature the amazing art of famous street artist Nychos ! Not to forget the back cover, with art by the great Jason Edmiston !


I’m sincerely proud of this book, and the way the Geek-Art project is heading. Having the opportunity to feature so much artists I love and respect is an amazing luck, especially with artists like Laurent Durieux, Nychos, Jason EdmistonBrian Ewing, Tik Ka, Boneface, Godmachine, Mike Leavit, Scott Scheidly, Orlando Arocena, Dan Mumford, Richey Beckett, Ian Glaubinger, Raid 71 and many more !

Something new for this volume 3 : the 7th of October, the Collector version will be available, featuring a box designed by French talent Guillaume Singelin, and 3 limited prints by Tik Ka, Maria Incan-Suarez & Brian Ewing.


Brian Ewing


Tik Ka


Maria Suarez Inclan

Also, you’ll find 7 interviews of actors involved in art and pop culture from all around the world : Vincent Carlier, screen printer in Brussels, Laurent Agnoux, from the French Paper Gallery in Paris, Tim Doyle, artist and printer in Austin, Texas, Don Thompson, from the Poster Posse collectiveBrian Flynn, from Super7, San Francisco, and Paul Champion, a passionate print collector from England !

A launching event will take place the 6th of October in Paris, at the French Paper Gallery, with many artists ready to sign the copies that will be available there, as well as the collector edition ! Stay tuned on Geek-Art’s Facebook Page for any updates !

Here is the list of the artists in the book, a huge thanks to all of them !

Geek-Art 3 Regular : 09/30/2016 / 416 pages / 39,95 €

Geek-Art 3 Collector : 10/07/ 2016 / 416 pages  / 60 €


Jonathan Adrian, Astor Alexander, Vadu Amka, Ise Ananphada, Orlando Arocena, Vincent Rhafael Aseo, Patrick Ballesteros, Scott Balmer, Richey Beckett, Ivan Belikov, Marie Bergeron, Aymeric Bernard, Boneface, James Boorman, Joshua Budich, Butcher Billy, Captain Kaos, Alina Chau, Clogtwo!, Patrick Connan, Johann Corgié, Julio Cotto, Dangerous Pixels, Simon Delart, Michael De Pippo, Nick Derrington, Johnny Dombrowski, Yvan Duque, Laurent Durieux, Jason Edmiston, Evil Corp, Brian Ewing, Florey, A.J. Frena, Gabz, Gax, James Gilleard, Ale Giorgini, Ian Glaubinger, Godmachine, Lucia Gomez, Laurie Greasley, Matthew Griffin, Joe Hume, Mike Leavitt, Mark Lone, Calvin Ma, Mainger, Gauvain Manhattan, Raxenne Maniquiz, Flore Maquin, Guillaume Morellec, Mr Garcin, Dan Mumford, Coke Navarro, New Flesh, Daniel Norris, Nychos, Bobby O’Herlihy, OruFun, Anthony Petrie, Chet Phillips, Dave Pollot, Raid 71, Matt Richie, Eyal Rosenthal, Scott Scheidly, Sibylline, Chris Skinner, Pierre-Adrien Sollier, Alex Sollis, Andy Stattmiller, Maria Suarez-Inclan, Anoosha Syed, Roland Tamayo, Andrew Tarusov, Tik Ka, Hoang Tran, Van Orton Design, Gustavo Viselner, Ian Wilding, Blank William, Andy Wynn, Bruce Yan, Edison Yan, Yema Yema, Hamilton Young Ward


Adrian Jonathan


Vincent Aseo


Marie Bergeron


Dangerous Pixels


Nick Derrington


Laurent Durieux


Evil Corp

Treehouse of Horror 14





Laurie Greasley


Flore Maquin


Dan Mumford


Coke Navarro


Orlando Arocena


Anthony Petrie


Scott Scheidly

Thomas Olivri

Thomas Olivri est le créateur de, le curateur du Geek-Art Store, et auteur de livres sur la pop culture et l'art inspiré par les cultures de l'imaginaire.Thomas Olivri is the funder of, curator of the Geek-Art Store, and the author of books dedicated to art and pop culture

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