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Geek-Art x Ubisoft : Rainbow Six Siege Project !

Geek-Art x Ubisoft : Rainbow Six Siege Project !

Rainbow Six : let the Siege begin !

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Hey guys ! We are living some really exciting times here at Geek-Art, and this brand new official collab with Ubisoft is one of the reasons to be excited indeed ! We are proud to reveal our new project with Ubisoft, through an exciting art project around Rainbow Six Siege, with French artist Mathieu Moreau ! 

Rainbow Six Siege is a worldwide phenomenon, with dozens of millions of players around the globe, and an amazingly strong and active e-sport scene. It also is a very special universe, with his lore and specs, and so far in 2019 3 new seasons with new Agents to play with, and new maps. 

Geek-Art collaborated with French talent Mathieu Moreau, a comic book artist who worked with French publisher Glénat on titles like La Machine à explorer le Temps, an adapation of the Sci-Fi classic, or the space opera Le Cycle de Nibiru. Mathieu, as a pop culture lover, developed an amazing style, and his use of colors has been a real treat to our eyes, a perfect match with Rainbow Six Siege !

In collaboration with Ubisoft, we are proud to reveal you guys Mathieu’s work on the first two new agents of the 4th year of R6, released during the launch of the first season of the year, Burnt Horizon. Meet Gridlock and Mozzie, the 2 Australian agents who became very popular amongst the players ! Those 2 artworks are Mathieu’s own personal vision of them, and the prelude to more awesomeness to come !

The reach of 100 000 followers on the French Youtube channel of R6 was the perfect opportunity to reveal those 2 great artworks. Get ready for more on Ubisoft and Geek-Art social networks for more eye candies such as WIP videos and sketches. Be sure to follow the hashtag #R6 and see you guys soon !

Geek-Art x Ubisoft : Gridlock par Mathieu Moreau pour Rainbow Six Siege


Geek-Art x Ubisoft : Mozzie par Mathieu Moreau pour Rainbow Six Siege

Thomas Olivri

Thomas Olivri est le créateur de, le curateur du Geek-Art Store, et auteur de livres sur la pop culture et l'art inspiré par les cultures de l'imaginaire.Thomas Olivri is the funder of, curator of the Geek-Art Store, and the author of books dedicated to art and pop culture

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