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Hamilton Young Ward – Video Games Made Real – the UNreality Project

Hamilton Young Ward – Video Games Made Real – the UNreality Project

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Hamilton Young Ward is a videographer, designer and illustrator from Charlotte, North Carolina. He recently worked on what I truly think is a great project. The main idea is to take screenshots in video games and then use photographic darkroom techniques to print them, with the intention to create a push and pull feeling for the viewer :  the landscape looks realistic to him but he knows that it’s not.

His thoughts on his project are really interesting : “As gamers we spend so much time in these worlds that they become real to us and that’s what I want to get across. This idea of the virtual world being the real one, the “unreality” of it all. By using hand processing in the dark room for these digital images, I’m bringing the image into our physical reality, I’m making it real. “
You can see he used screenshots from GTA V and Fallout IV. The two processes used are lith printing (the black and white ones) and another process known as inkjet cyanotype. You can check the whole series on his website here.

Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 3

Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 4

Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 5


Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 7

Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 8

Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 9 Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 10

Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 2

Hamilton Young Ward - UNreality 1

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