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Here Come the Funko x Playmobil Figures !

Here Come the Funko x Playmobil Figures !

Toys for Dads

There is no use to introduce you guys to Funko, the evil company that swore to empty our wallets and make our desks crack under the weight or so many vinyl figures, nor to Playmobil, as cult as Lego for many kids and their parents.

For a good while it seemed that only Lego had the lead on the licensing market, with official Lego sets for Marvel movies and heroes, Star Wars, TMNT etc. Those licenses even saved the brand a few decades back, at the time on the verge of disappearing. Oddly enough, Playmobil never invested on any license… Until now.

The German brand is indeed back in the game with the release in March of brand new figures, in partnership with Funko. You’ll be able to collect 6 inches tall Playmobil figures inspired by TMNT, Back to the Future, Ghosbusters, Charly and the Chocolate Factory and Doctor Who. Fallout, Supernatural and Walking Dead products should follow later in the year.

I must say I was a bit disapointed : when I first hear about Playmobil getitng the Ghostbusters license, I immediately thought about playing with the good old Ecto-1 and the 4 ghost chasers figures with my sons, to a classic Playmobil scale.

Well it appears that those figures are more aimed at the collectors out there, but I must say the Marty McFly is quite cool. Let’s wait for March then, with those 14,99$ figures available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth !














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