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Jaak, a new statue by House of Gog inspired by Pascal Blanché

Jaak, a new statue by House of Gog inspired by Pascal Blanché

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What an amazing piece, guys. You know we are long term fans of French syfy artist Pascal Blanché. Last year Canadian society House of Gog released a magnificent statue inspired by Pascal’s work, Moonstone. Well 2020 sees a new 3D version of Pascal works : meet Jaak. This amazing and gigantic statue is as gorgeous as the illustration it’s inspired from. Pascal Blanché actively participated to the conception as you can see it in the many details and colors directly inspired by his visual universe.

This gorgeous statue is big (40cm high), detailed, and limited. Those who will be able to afford the price of this beast (780 dollars) will obviously be owning a real masterpiece at home.

Congrats to Pascal Blanché and the House of Gog team for such an amazing work !

Available on House of Gog.

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