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Le Petit Bestiaire Fantastique by Hachette Heroes!

Le Petit Bestiaire Fantastique by Hachette Heroes!

Le Petit Bestiaire Fantastique : Monsters INC.

It’s out ! I’m so happy to share with you guys my brand new book, Le Petit Bestiaire Fantastique, I know, it’s in French, but hopefully will get translated soon. In this book, you will find around 100 monsters from pop culture. Movie monsters, litterature monsters, mythology monsters… I selected the finest creatures from the universes we love, and tried to explain where they are from to kids. What are their references ? Where do they come from ? Why do they behave this way ? You’ll find everything you need to know about them, and more !

Texts are aimes towards kids, but no doubt you grown up will also find some interesting infos too ! Do you know what a qilin is ? Where do the centaurs from Harry Potter come from ? Or the Baba Yaga ? How were created the gremlins ? The answers are right here!

For kids, from 7 to 77 years old

I was so happy and proud to collaborate with Mister Hope, an English illustrator I’ve been following since the beginning of Geek-Art. This gentleman is full of talent, and his visual universe will both talk to kids and graphic design lovers. He went old school with this one, with a pencil and some paint as weapons, and you can see the results in the gorgeous artworks he especially designed for the book.

A huge thank to him, for his involvement and passion for this project. Thanks also to the Hachette Team, who believed in this project and created a marvelous book.

As a dad myself, I feel it’s very important to bring children an entry to those universes I always cherished and loved, and I really think we succeeded !

Please enjoy the various samples of the book below, you can find it on Amazon in French, and we hope it will be translated next year or so.

Thomas Olivri

Le Petit Bestiaire Fantastique







Thomas Olivri

Thomas Olivri est le créateur de, le curateur du Geek-Art Store, et auteur de livres sur la pop culture et l'art inspiré par les cultures de l'imaginaire.Thomas Olivri is the funder of, curator of the Geek-Art Store, and the author of books dedicated to art and pop culture

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