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Memories of Zelda – The Incredible Collage Tribute to Nintendo’s Saga by Mr Garcin

Memories of Zelda – The Incredible Collage Tribute to Nintendo’s Saga by Mr Garcin

Hey, Listen !

French collage artist Mr Garcin is about to be exposed at French gallery Arludik, in Paris. This incredible artist has been followed by Geek-Art for a good time now, and it’s always a pleasure to share his art with you !

A few days before the official launch of Nintendo’s next console Switch, along with the long awaited new Zelda game “Breath of the Wild“, Mr Garcin reveals in exclusivity for Geek-Art what may well be the masterpiece of his next art show. This piece contains pictures from every Zelda game ever released (well except for the CDI adventures, better forgotten).

“It’s been a while since I wanted to create an artwork around Zelda, but I couldn’t get enough pictures and artworks for this. Hopefully, the recent release in Japan of the beautiful “Hyrule Graphics” art book helped me realize this dream !”

An incredible work, including a golden Triforce, who took more than a full month of work for Mr Garcin. This unique piece will be exposed during Mr Garcin’s art show at the Arludik Gallery and will be on sale for 5000 euros. The art show will run from the 9th of March till the 6th of May, and we will of course let you know more about it very soon on Geek-Art !

Memories of Zelda (2017 - 130x80cm) light

Memories of Zelda (détail 1)light

Memories of Zelda (détail 2)light

Memories of Zelda (détail 3)light

Memories of Zelda (détail 4)light

Memories of Zelda (détail 5)light

Memories of Zelda (détail 6)light

Memories of Zelda (détail 7)light


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