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Nan Lawson – Meet Cute – Solo Art Show at Gallery 1988

Nan Lawson – Meet Cute – Solo Art Show at Gallery 1988

I Love You. I Know.

Nan Lawson is an artist and Illustrator living near Los Angeles. She is known for her pop culture portraits and distinct style and use of color. Her latest solo art show at Gallery 1988 is under the sign of love, a good thing Valentine’s Day is coming ! You’ll find the whole show on the Gallery 1988 website, but here is my selection. Some of those couples are quite hard to recognize, hopefully the titles of the artworks will help you out !

Nan Lawson - As You Wish

Nan Lawson - Come What May

Nan Lawson - Hold Me

Nan Lawson - I Know

Nan Lawson - I Need This Man To Tear All My Clothes Off

Nan Lawson - I Would Die For Her. I Would Kill For Her. Either Way, What Bliss.

Nan Lawson - I'll Be There For You. As The World Falls Down

Nan Lawson - I'm Burning Up A Sun, Just To Say Goodbye

Nan Lawson - I'm In Lesbians With You

Nan Lawson - It's Too Bad She Won't Live

Nan Lawson - Let's Go On A Vacation

Nan Lawson - Love From Z to A

Nan Lawson - Meet Me In Montauk

Nan Lawson - Tale As Old As Time

Nan Lawson - Waiting For The Right Partner

Nan Lawson - When You Kiss Me, I Wanna Die

Nan Lawson - You Know Nothing

Thomas Olivri

Thomas Olivri est le créateur de, le curateur du Geek-Art Store, et auteur de livres sur la pop culture et l'art inspiré par les cultures de l'imaginaire.Thomas Olivri is the funder of, curator of the Geek-Art Store, and the author of books dedicated to art and pop culture

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