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Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure by Mondo

Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure by Mondo

Beat the Seven Evil Exes

Ramona Flowers is one of the main protagonists of the glorious comic book “Scott Pilgrilm Against the World“, written and drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley, the same comic that was successfully adapted as a movie by Edgar Wright. Ramona is perfect ! An American expatriate, ninja delivery girl, and traverser of subspace, she is the object of Scott Pilgrim’s love. Too bad she’s got 7 evil exes he must defeat…

This brand new collectible figure by Mondo is now available for pre-order for 50 dollars, with a Mondo exclusive Scott Pilgrim head available. This is a thing of beauty. Ramona Flowers - Mondo

Ramona Flowers - Mondo 2

Ramona Flowers - Mondo 6

Ramona Flowers - Mondo 8

Ramona Flowers - Mondo 7

Ramona Flowers - Mondo 5

Ramona Flowers - Mondo 9

Ramona Flowers - Mondo 3

Ramona Flowers - Mondo 4

Ramona Flowers - Mondo Exclusive 2 Ramona Flowers - Mondo Exclusive

Ramona Flowers – Mondo Exclusive

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