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Portfolio | The Surrealist Creations of Valentina Remenar

Dreamy Valentina Remenar is a traditional and digital illustrator, concept artist and graphic designer from Croatia, currently based in Slovenia. She works primarily on game concepts, book covers, posters, character design and digital illustrations. Her past clients include Marvel, Wizards of the Coast, Riot Games, Penguin Random House, Valve, Outfit7 Ltd. (a subsidiary of Ekipa2 d.o.o.),…

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Portfolio | The Gods of Hua Lu

Oh my god Discover the art of Hua Lu, an independent Chinese illustrator and concept artist based in Shanghai. His creations are inspired by different mythologies and oriental stories and represent deities, monsters and demons of a crazy originality. Everything is resolutely modern and we can easily imagine stories with these different characters, set in…

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