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The Art of Anthony Petrie

The Art of Anthony Petrie

This award goes to …!

How to present Anthony Petrie?

Anthony is an American artist living in Los Angeles specializing in the production of posters. He has already been rewarded for his work. These awards have attracted the attention of prestigious brands in a wide variety of fields.

While browsing his portfolio, I invite you to browse his posters that are often very detailed, close to prints and ultra-realistic and then go admire the result of his work. The universes portrayed in his arts range from recent pop works (such as Avengers, Spiderman, …) to the older universes that have entered the geek culture as timeless, even classics of the genre (such as Alien, Rocky or even Beetlejuice).

As mentioned above, the second interest of his portfolio lies in the print section which is incredibly rich. There you will discover all the work done around orders made by the brands that appeal to him. Posters, icons, titles, products, everything goes and we realize how productive Anthony is!

Finally, I let you rinse your eyes and invite you as usual, if you like the artist, to follow him on his social networks like Instagram, Facebook and, also on Youtube where you can discover filmed footage of his work.






Fan de Geek-art de la première heure, vieux geek et fan de mangas, Quentin est aussi un instituteur et un passionné de pop culture qu'il consomme sans modération.

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