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The Art of Attack Peter

The Art of Attack Peter

Pop on Wood

Do you know what xylogravure is? No ? Me neither before writing this article … But as I like to use complicated french words to shine in society, it sounded better than woodblock printing. So that’s what it’s about. The technique consists in cutting the wood in order to print the pattern thus obtained on a support. After inking the pattern, by means of an ink roll, it is applied to the support (paper or other). The parts carved in the wood are therefore printed in white. This is probably the oldest printing technique since it is practiced since the 7th century in Asia. Although neglected in favor of newer techniques, there are fortunately still some artists to make live this ancestral art!

Peter SANTA-MARIA says Attackpeter is one of them. Gratifying these supports by hand, he produces powerful iconographic prints. Drawing inspiration from traditional Thailand imagery to pop culture, her prints blend tradition and modernity. You can discover the artist’s works on his website or Instagram. And if you want to pay a ninja turtle in engraving, go to his ETSY. You can always try to make your guests believe that it dates from the seventeenth century ….


Pierre Melier

Enfant des années 80, Pierre a été biberonné au club Dorothée, aux jeux- vidéos et aux super-héros. Ce trop-plein de pop culture à créé en lui une légère inadaptation sociale. Mais il s’en fout, dans son repaire secret, sur un fauteuil en cuir en caressant son chat, il attend patiemment le moment où les geeks gouverneront le monde... Sinon il dessine la plupart du temps, et cours derrière ses potes avec son dermographe pour leur tatouer un truc sur la fesse...

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