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The Art of Cory Godbey : Illustration Tales

The Art of Cory Godbey : Illustration Tales

Once upon a time…

Defining Cory Godbey‘s work might seem difficult at first. Indeed, he has already to his credit many achievements, whether orders from large organizations, such as Disney or Nintendo, or more personal. Nevertheless a motto is common to all his projects and it is possible to find it on his site, following his impressive resume.

“Cory seeks to tell stories with his work. He also likes to draw monsters.”

Cory loves monsters, those of the tales of our childhood, belonging to the old Germanic, Nordic or Celtic folklore, to which he often gives a benevolent aura. He composes his illustrations to tell amazing stories. Thus, each drawing is significant, carrying a universe, a very particular dreamed world. It also happens to Cory to directly appropriate some more recent fantasy worlds. The result is a fabulous collection about Dark Crystal that clearly is worth a look.

Finally, we have to talk about an ultra collector object created by Cory and distributed on his site. “Vision of Whence” is the result of more than five years of work of this talented illustrator, a magnificent anthology that will allow you to dream a little more with Mr. Godbey.


The Games Of The Tiger King – Menagerie


The Fish Master – Lyrebird


The Rescue


Trouble at Sea – Tides of Infamy


The Skeksis – The Jim Henson Co. / Penguin Random House


Jamies’s Journey: The Mountain


Bears – Wanderings


Cory Godbey – Visions of Whence


Cory Godbey – The Hobbit

Cory Godbey – Labyrinth Tales

Cory Godbey – Troll children with gryphon

Cory Godbey – Eowyn and the Nazgul


P'tit nouveau chez Geek Art mais plus si nouveau dans le monde des blogs et autres webzines, j'adore écrire et partager mes découvertes au plus grand nombre. Fan inconditionnel de ciné, je dois probablement être le seul Français de 24 ans qui collectionne les DVDs. Dans la vraie, vie je travaille à la croisée entre les mondes des jeux-vidéo et de l'édition, un vrai paradis pour tout Geek qui se respecte.

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