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The Art of Erica Williams

The Art of Erica Williams

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

Erica Williams is an american artist who loves to mix faunaand flora with macabre tones. This artist is a huge fan of occultism, myth and lore and she uses all her talent to create gorgeous illustrations. By using a few colors, Erica succeed to create stunning illustrations and her works makes me think of artist like Alfons Mucha and other artists from the Art Nouveau.

I really love her ability to create typography inside her illustrations. She also imagines a lot of animals with a macabre tone, adding for instance some jewels or some occult references.

I’m a huge fan of Erica’s work and her Instagram account is regulary update with her new works. Do not hesitate to check her webiste to discover all her artworks.


Julien Djoubri

Julien a été bercé par la Pop-Culture et par l'art dès son enfance. Il adore partager son amour débordant pour tout ce qui touche à l'illustration, aux comics, films et autre étrangetés. Et quand il n'est pas occupé à découvrir de nouveaux univers imaginaires, il essaie de créer les siens en écrivant.

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