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The Art of Felipe Magaña

The Art of Felipe Magaña

Keep calm and admire

THIS IS MADNESS ! Felipe Magaña ‘s work was a real shock for my poor eyes, and believe me I saw lots of incredible stuff ! His choice of colors, art direction, his personal style… I’m in love.  Just have a look at the power coming from his Evangelion artworks, or the awesomeness of his Heroes / Villains artworks. One regret only : I wished I saw his art sooner in my life !





Thomas Olivri

Thomas Olivri est le créateur de, le curateur du Geek-Art Store, et auteur de livres sur la pop culture et l'art inspiré par les cultures de l'imaginaire.Thomas Olivri is the funder of, curator of the Geek-Art Store, and the author of books dedicated to art and pop culture

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