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The Art of Francesca Baerald, Mapping Imaginary Worlds

The Art of Francesca Baerald, Mapping Imaginary Worlds

A “X” marks the spot

Who has never sketched the outlines of an imaginary island? With Francesca Baerald, cartography of fantasy worlds becomes a form of art in itself. Mapping the solar system with a complex steampunk aesthetics, drawing the streets of japanese villages imitating old engravings, precisely captioning imaginary lands with inked pictograms… this italian illustrator immediately drags you into her world thanks to her precise and rich style.

Her work illustrates books, video games, RPGs, board games… And considering her talent, no wonder she already won several awards. If you want to discover her art further, make sure to check out her portfolio, her ArtStation, or follow her on Twitter @FBaerald. Her last tweet suggests she signed a project with the publishing house Dark Horse… but the content is still secret. A comic book, maybe ? This mystery will have to be cleared up !



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    • Francesca Baerald
    • On: 9 May 2019

    Thank you very much for the article, Diane!

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