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The Art Of Jared Muralt : Notebooks & Comics

The Art Of Jared Muralt : Notebooks & Comics

Tales from  another cheese’s country

The talented Swiss illustrator, Jared Muralt is the perfect example of the passionate self-taught artist. Author of several comics (The Fall, The End of Bon Voyage, Hellship), he carefully handles brushes and inspirations, drawn from his rich comic books readings and film screenings. Jared also likes to give a visual dimension to different myths and legends, sometimes even creating new always very successful creatures in his illustrations.

You can also find on his personal website some excerpts from his sketchbooks, in which he frees his drawing even more. Thus, there is a big gap between his naturalistic representations, portraits of historical or dream characters and  drawings of film sets. Feel free to follow his work on Instagram and go for a ride on his online store!















P'tit nouveau chez Geek Art mais plus si nouveau dans le monde des blogs et autres webzines, j'adore écrire et partager mes découvertes au plus grand nombre. Fan inconditionnel de ciné, je dois probablement être le seul Français de 24 ans qui collectionne les DVDs. Dans la vraie, vie je travaille à la croisée entre les mondes des jeux-vidéo et de l'édition, un vrai paradis pour tout Geek qui se respecte.

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