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The Art Of Kilian Eng – 70s Style

The Art Of Kilian Eng – 70s Style

The 70s… without the Bell bottoms

Kilian Eng is an amazing Swedish artist born in 1982 in Stockholm, where he also graduated from Konstfack school in 2010 with a specialization in illustration and storytelling. He mostly work on graphic tablet, which does not prevent him from bringing a very organic and often a little weathered to his drawings. We find ourselves immediately immersed in the worlds of SF or fantasy that he reinterprets in a retro-futuristic way. He also creates his own worlds, allowing us to observe grandiose colorful landscapes, dark spacecraft spaceships or portraits of intriguing creatures.

His strongest influences come from some European artists who have worked and still work in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. We immediately think of Robert McGinnis (legendary designer of the posters of some James Bond or Barbarella) but also the inevitable Ralph Mcquarrie or H.R. Giger. Finally, his impressive resume shows his talent. Mondo exceptional artist, he had the opportunity to work with big names in entertainment: Disney, HBO, Heavy Metal, Warner Bros, or the artists M83 and Miami Horror. You can find his creations on his Instagram account and his Behance account.
















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