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The art of Matthew Callahan

The art of Matthew Callahan

Once upon a time … in our galaxy

Matthew Callahan is a special artist. Indeed, it’s a photographer who stages Star Wars toys, especially clones or stormtroopers, in situations of armed conflict or staged layouts. However, he also happens to wear a soldier’s armor of the empire to give another dimension to his shots. But, what gives a different meaning to his work is the fact that he’s also a photographer for the US Army. Indeed, his work puts a face on these men and women who, every day, risk their lives on the battlefield. Through his photos, he tells the story of these people and shows a human side much more pronounced than the media tend to illustrate. You can follow Matthew on Facebook or on his website. He also has two Instagram accounts including one dedicated to his work around Star Wars.


Fan de Geek-art de la première heure, vieux geek et fan de mangas, Quentin est aussi un instituteur et un passionné de pop culture qu'il consomme sans modération.

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