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The art of Mike Mahle

The art of Mike Mahle

Vector Power

Personally, I hate working with illustrator. And this software annoys me even more when I see what some can do with it!

Take Mike Mahle for example … This gentleman work with bezier curves (related to the Bernstein Polynomial as everyone know.) to perfection and gives birth to beautiful illustrations.
Drawing inspiration from different trends (art deco, illustrations of the 50s …) Mike resumes comic book characters or movie posters.
His universe is super colorful and his geometric compositions extremely dynamic!

I invite you to discover his work on his website, or on behance. Do not hesitate to follow his news on instagram, I go back on illustrator, I will end up getting there ….

Pierre Melier

Enfant des années 80, Pierre a été biberonné au club Dorothée, aux jeux- vidéos et aux super-héros. Ce trop-plein de pop culture à créé en lui une légère inadaptation sociale. Mais il s’en fout, dans son repaire secret, sur un fauteuil en cuir en caressant son chat, il attend patiemment le moment où les geeks gouverneront le monde... Sinon il dessine la plupart du temps, et cours derrière ses potes avec son dermographe pour leur tatouer un truc sur la fesse...

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