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The Art Of Niark1 : Colors And Monsters

The Art Of Niark1 : Colors And Monsters

When we wrote about the beautiful comic Ultralazer in a previous post, we told you about the visual similarity with the work of Genndy Tartakovsky. This artistic proximity can also be found in the work of the artist of which we will speak today: Niark1. Niark1 A.K.A Sébastien Féraut is a French illustrator and street-artist based in Paris. He already has many exhibitions and awards, gleaned throughout his career and work.

In fact, to talk more about his work, we can say that Niark1 likes monsters. He paint an extremely varied bestiary, always very colorful and with an abstract paste mixed with a hint of cartoon. The variety of his works is just awesome and you can see more about it on his website or on Instagram.














P'tit nouveau chez Geek Art mais plus si nouveau dans le monde des blogs et autres webzines, j'adore écrire et partager mes découvertes au plus grand nombre. Fan inconditionnel de ciné, je dois probablement être le seul Français de 24 ans qui collectionne les DVDs. Dans la vraie, vie je travaille à la croisée entre les mondes des jeux-vidéo et de l'édition, un vrai paradis pour tout Geek qui se respecte.

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