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The art of Owen Davey : Minimalist and Iconic

The art of Owen Davey : Minimalist and Iconic

Classic Cartoon

Owen Davey is an English illustrator with an impressive resume. Working since 2009, he has already drawn for The Guardian, Google, National Geographic and Lego on numerous projects. He won more than 20 awards and has even made an incursion into the video game industry by becoming the main illustrator of the famous mobile game Two Dots.

Owen is also a geek and, despite being very busy with his work, he spends much of his free time getting lost in comics and Young Adult literature, watching old movies and playing on his PC. He takes his inspiration from all these cultural works, consumed and analyzed, but also from American cartoons of the 50s and 60s which fascinate him. The very geometric and minimalist effect that emerges from his works is particularly fascinating, especially in his most complex compositions. It may be what allows him this great amplitude in the media he invests: the video game, advertising, television, the web, his art is now everywhere.

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P'tit nouveau chez Geek Art mais plus si nouveau dans le monde des blogs et autres webzines, j'adore écrire et partager mes découvertes au plus grand nombre. Fan inconditionnel de ciné, je dois probablement être le seul Français de 24 ans qui collectionne les DVDs. Dans la vraie, vie je travaille à la croisée entre les mondes des jeux-vidéo et de l'édition, un vrai paradis pour tout Geek qui se respecte.

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