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The Art of Peroutattoo

The Art of Peroutattoo

If you are here, it’s because you love pop culture.
Well, it’s a bit of stupid to say that, but it’s a fact, you’re on geekart, not on the geopolitical page of NewYork Times.
It’s no coincidence that you find yourself there!
I, who write the article and you, who read me, we are all in love with what has long been considered a secondary culture … And  now takes all the place it deserves from a generation.
So we like pop culture, yes.
But do you love it enough to wear it on you? for life ?
Maybe the work of peroutattoo will help you answer this question …
In a very particular style, this tattoo artist will engrave your favorite character on a small part of your body.
His characters, inspired by “chibi”, are hyper dynamic and recognizable immediately!
Personally, I love his series “blister” in which his heroes rest quietly in plastic packaging, reminiscent of toys for which we made capricious to our parents in the 80s-90 …
I invite you to subscribe to his instagram to discover the work of peroutattoo and eventually you finally San Goku on the shoulder you have dreamed for so long ….

Pierre Melier

Enfant des années 80, Pierre a été biberonné au club Dorothée, aux jeux- vidéos et aux super-héros. Ce trop-plein de pop culture à créé en lui une légère inadaptation sociale. Mais il s’en fout, dans son repaire secret, sur un fauteuil en cuir en caressant son chat, il attend patiemment le moment où les geeks gouverneront le monde... Sinon il dessine la plupart du temps, et cours derrière ses potes avec son dermographe pour leur tatouer un truc sur la fesse...

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