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The Art of Tirmes – Game of Thrones meets feudal Japan

The Art of Tirmes – Game of Thrones meets feudal Japan

Westeros from a far East point of view

If you always wanted to figure out how Game of Thrones would look like in an oriental universe, brace yourselves because one artist made it ! Spanish artist Sandra Tirado Mestre, also know as Tirmes, imagined the main characters of this TV show in the tradional Ukiyo-e style. 

This artistic movement appeared in the 17th century in Japan and is a mix between narration and popular painting. Those illustrations were often made on stamp or on engraving wood. The spanish artist totally succeed to transcribe what’s the Game of Thrones characters are made of in this traditional style, letting us think that we could see those illustrations in a tradionnal japanese art gallery.

Do not hesitate to take a look to the other artworks of this amazing artist on her Instagram account. 


Julien Djoubri

Julien a été bercé par la Pop-Culture et par l'art dès son enfance. Il adore partager son amour débordant pour tout ce qui touche à l'illustration, aux comics, films et autre étrangetés. Et quand il n'est pas occupé à découvrir de nouveaux univers imaginaires, il essaie de créer les siens en écrivant.

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