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The art of Toni Infante

The art of Toni Infante

So much contrast

Toni Infante is a Spanish artist. He worked as an illustrator for children’s books but also on film and on a comicbook named “Sons of the devil”.

But his most recent work consists mainly of works of illustration. He shares his creative process through a Patreon and also teaches his art in a school in Barcelona.

His style is hyper dynamic and the color contrasts he uses are very strong and give his works a strong cyberpunk vibe. Moreover, whether inspired by Akira for the cover of a magazine or using the game Smash Bros as inspiration for fan arts, his creativity is always a hit.

I invite you to discover him on his portfolio or follow him on the usual social networks, such as Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. And if you want to discover his work process, go to Youtube, or even Patreon if you want to support it.



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